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Insightful facilitator, creative strategist and culture change coach. Collaborative and easy to work with, integrating with existing teams, running as an independent consultant or creating a specialist project team drawing on a trusted network of experts and creative catalysts.

David Rea
The Brand+Culture Connection

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Brand-Culture Strategist, Coach, 
Facilitator & Creative Catalyst

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Starting out in retail marketing, I worked for brand and insight consultancies before becoming a Director at Added Value London (now Kantar). Over 8 years I focused on brand led culture change, innovation and positioning, becoming a strong facilitator of collaborative working. I co-founded the Cape Town office, growing it from 3 to 43 outstanding individuals over 4 years, whilst also learning to fly. 


This gave me the impetus to take flight in my own venture back in London, helping leaders and teams that wanted to make a positive difference in their brand and organisational worlds. 

This has evolved over time combining strategy, facilitation and co-creation, organisational change and human insights - both consumer and employee - to create the latest approach, The Brand-Culture Connection.


I work across disciplines, sectors and regions with experience in EMEA, North & South America and parts of Asia and New Zealand.


I work at board level, with specialist teams, consultants and implementers, as well as front-line teams.


With a brand orientation, I work across Marketing, HR, Operations, Commercial, Service and R&D.


Clients vary from global FTSE businesses, regional leaders, through to occasional start-ups - drawing on my own start-up experience with


I live with my family in London, work everywhere and love diving into the diverse business challenges and opportunities that each project brings. 

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