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MERCK: Collaboration, Strategy, Culture & Experience

With Plum Brands and CDM we helped activate a transformative brand strategy and business architecture, build global marketing capability and deliver a diverse range of internal communications materials, development tools and collaborative events in Europe, North America and Asia. We then provided collaborative frameworks and capability to translate brand strategy into customer experience with cross functional teams.

HEATHROW: Collaboration, Strategy & Culture

With Space Doctor’s we helped Heathrow’s innovation teams frame their innovation challenge using cultural insight and engage innovation leaders to define their ambition and ways of working. We co-created a compelling transformation story and devised a 12 month plan to connect Heathrow’s people to be more innovative and deliver its transformation agenda faster.

WPP/FTSE top 10: Collaboration, Strategy & Culture

Over 18 months, we partnered Geometry Global and the international marketing, insight and R&D teams of an international FTSE top 10 organisation. We co-created the top five global brand strategies and built innovation plans for each. Alongside this we shaped a new brand planning methodology and built global marketing capability through live learning. 

O2: Collaboration & Strategy

With O2’s insight agency and a multi-disciplinary innovation team of 30, we designed and ran a collaborative innovation week to co-create and test concepts for O2’s three-year innovation pipeline.

EY: Collaboration & Strategy

With a cross section of European and North American EY Partners we co-created a strategy to help EY better connect with the start-up community, followed by collaborative planning sessions with the EMEA leadership team to turn strategy into plans. 

Corinthia Hotels: Collaboration

With SwitchedOn Global we have designed and led the annual senior team meeting for the last 5 years, most recently helping them lead-in a new purpose and brand strategy. We have run a range of 2 day planning workshops with operational and exec teams. 


Airbus: Strategy & Culture

With Lambie-Nairn we helped shape the Airbus purpose and simplified the strategic framework to communicate and work with it. We designed and ran training workshops with the Marketing community to apply the purpose and principles across all MarComms.

Bounty Brands: Collaboration & Strategy

With the holding company Exec and top 70 leaders we co-created a common purpose and set of growth values, gaining full leadership commitment and designing materials to communicate and lead it authentically across their portfolio businesses.

Qatar Post: Strategy

With Lambie-Nairn, a global management consultancy and the QP leadership team, we created a new brand strategy to support a major business transformation. 

Shell: Collaboration & Culture

Partnering Shell’s brand team, we took a new brand and communication strategy aimed at building brand consistency and value, and brought it to life in collaborative live events around the world. We then ran global events over 4 months and established the brand management foundations that have grown into a world-class approach.

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